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Chemystery of Halloween - Multi-Demonstration Kit

Chemystery of Halloween - Multi-Demonstration Kit, AP2102
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Chemystery of Halloween - Multi-Demonstration Kit
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By: Diane Burnett, Retired
Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN

Demonstrate that “black magic” has a scientific basis with the seven demonstrations included in this kit.

• “Ghosts and goblins” will appear out of a 2-liter pop bottle as the pop bottle collapses to prove their escape.
• An “amorphous monster” will foam up and out of an ordinary cup.
• “Evil spirits” will erupt from a jack-o'-lantern.
• Eerie lights will be given off by a mysterious solution and an ordinary candy.
• A fluorescent “slime monster” and a Silly Putty-type material will be concocted as your bewitching finale.

Teacher Demonstration Notes and enough chemicals are provided to perform all seven demonstrations, seven times each.

Concepts: Catalysts, decomposition reactions, exothermic reactions, heat shrinking plastics, polyurethane foam, polymers, oxidation-reduction reactions, fluorescence, chemiluminescence, and triboluminescence.
Time Required: One full class period
Chemicals Provided: Manganese dioxide, hydrogen peroxide, polyurethane foam system, sodium iodide solution, energetic light solution, potassium ferricyanide solution, guar gum, sodium borate solution, fluorescein dye, and Elmer's Glue-All®.
Note: Some common household items and laboratory equipment are required but not provided.

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