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Chemistry of Water Learning Activity Package

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Chemistry of Water Learning Activity Package
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Seventy percent of your body weight is water! In a lifetime, you will drink more than 6,000 gallons of water. Students will learn the important chemical and physical properties of water and how we depend on water every day of our life.
Students will define boiling point, freezing point, heat capacity, hydrogen bonding, solution, solvent, eutrofication, surfactant, and biodegradable; explain why water has a high boiling point; learn how nature recycles water; learn about natural and man-made water pollutants; and describe desalination of seawater by distillation and the water purification process. By experiment, students will measure the boiling and freezing points of water, show the effect of adding a solute on the freezing point of water, desalinate water by distillation, purify water by filtration and by absorption, and test for phosphates in water. A 59-page teacher's guide (with answers) and a reproducible 39-page student lab manual are provided. Requires six class periods to complete.

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