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20 Demonstration Guaranteed to Knock Your Socks Off! Volume II

20 Demonstration Guaranteed to Knock Your Socks Off! Volume II, AP4501
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20 Demonstration Guaranteed to Knock Your Socks Off! Volume II
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Author: Bob Becker
Kirkwood H.S., St. Louis, MO

Methane Mamba, Underwater Fireworks, Kaleidoscoptical Activity, and Flaming Vapor Ramp! These are a few of the exciting, creative and unique demonstrations by Bob Becker that have achieved star status in the collection of notable chemical demonstrations. The hallmark of Bob’s demonstrations is an uncanny ability to recognize small details amid the myriad exciting chemical and physical observations that arise. When taken together, the observations shine a powerful lens onto fundamental principles and concepts. In the CO2 Crystal Ball, for example, Bob describes how the eerie dome of soap film on top of a bucket of dry ice in water stops growing, even as the dry ice continues to vigorously sublime. Bob uses this observation to tie together concepts of sublimation, solubility, and equilibrium—a remarkable tour-de-force for a demonstration that has become a staple of Halloween demonstrations all over the country.

Available in a two-volume book and DVD set, Demonstrations to Knock Your Socks Off features 23 energizing and motivational videos of Bob performing his classic demonstrations for the Flinn Scientific Teaching Chemistry Video Series. More than four hours of video showcase Bob’s inspiring presentation style and are loaded with teaching tips, laboratory hints, stories, and strategies to help teachers successfully use the demonstrations in their classrooms. Complete write-ups for each demonstration are included in the accompanying books, 20 Demonstrations to Knock Your Socks Off, Volumes I and II, which may also be purchased separately. Each book contains full details on how to perform each activity, as well as a history of the chemical concepts being taught, preparation, procedures, reactions, safety precautions, tips, and references.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to receive the latest teaching ideas and demonstrations from one of America’s top chemical demonstrators, Bob Becker. Guaranteed to knock your socks off!

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