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Bromine Water Kit

Bromine Water Kit AP4502
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Bromine Water Kit
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Safely prepare fresh bromine water in any amount in less than five minutes with the Flinn Bromine Water Preparation Kit. Never again worry about the storage, handling, and use of elemental bromine. With this kit, you've eliminated the most corrosive chemical from your stockroom.
Kit contains all the ingredients and instructions to prepare 500 mL of fresh bromine water using a traditional redox reaction. Special bottle, cap, and label are also included to ensure your bromine water is prepared and stored in a safe manner. Save money and eliminate a storage problem with this easy-to-use kit.

 HAZARD ALERT: Toxic by inhalation and ingestion; skin irritant.
Disposal: #12a
Shelf Life: Fair. Bromine vapors degrade bottle caps over time. To avoid corrosion of metals in storage area, always store in a Flinn Saf-Stor Can.
Color: Red/brown
Odor: Irritating, chlorinelike.
Technical Note: Keep a supply of sodium thiosulfate solution (hypo) on hand as a neutralizer when working with bromine.


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