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Flinn Microchemistry Starter Kit

Flinn Microchemistry Starter Kit, AP4517
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Flinn Microchemistry Starter Kit
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Get started using microscale techniques! The Flinn Microchemistry Starter Kit includes the lab write-ups and all the microscale equipment needed to conduct these three lab experiments:

Analysis of Vitamin C in Fruit Juices
Hydrogen Ion Concentration and pH Indicators
The Rate of Chemical Reactions

Each lab write-up includes a complete set of teacher instructions, microscale “Tips”, student procedures, and reproducible data sheets. Equipment consists of 170 thin-stem pipettes, 15 24-well reaction plates, 15 12-well reaction strips, and 30 8-well reaction strips. All you need to provide are the chemicals.

Microchemistry is inexpensive, fast, and best of all, students learn chemistry. Give our starter kit a try. You'll really love it!


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