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Flinn ChemCam Camera

Flinn ChemCam™ Camera AP4560, etc.
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Flinn ChemCam Camera
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Chemistry teachers-now you can have your own low-cost video camera to show chemical demonstrations, experiments and close-ups of exciting chemistry phenomena. How many times have you shown students a demonstration only to wish you could “macrosize it up” so everyone could see? With the Flinn ChemCam you can!
A magnification of almost 30X allows students to see on a TV monitor every gas bubble, color change, and chemical reaction up close and personal without risk to their safety. Perfect for observing events taking place in a fume hood or behind a safety shield. ChemCam can also easily be connected to a VCR to record a demonstration for showing later to absent students.
The USB version of the camera allows you to directly interface with a USB 2.0 connection on your computer. Software is included.
Flinn ChemCam has an 6 mm lens focusable from 1/4" to infinity. A 20" super-flexible gooseneck permits unlimited positioning without an expensive boom or tripod. A single 5' cable runs from the camera to the output device.
ChemCam is an excellent presentation device for chemistry teachers- the opportunities are absolutely endless!


USB Adapter for Video Flex
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