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Chemical Formulas - Student Laboratory Kit

Chemical Formulas - Student Laboratory Kit, AP4569
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Chemical Formulas - Student Laboratory Kit
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By: The Flinn Staff

Writing formulas can be a real challenge for many students. Flinn has developed a kit which will help your students understand why atoms combine in certain ratios and how to write formulas for the compounds formed.

Students experimentally determine the chemical formulas for various ionic compounds by performing three laboratory experiments. In each of the first two investigations, students combine various ratios of two solutions and observe which ratio produces the most precipitate. Students then determine the correct formula for the new compound. The third investigation provides an opportunity for higher-level, open-ended thinking where students design their own experiment. Students first write reactions to decide which chemicals to combine and how much they need. Students predict possible results and then perform their own experiments.

Detailed Teacher Notes and reproducible student handouts include easy-to-follow lab instructions, sample data, answers to questions, and in-depth background information. All chemicals and specialized equipment are provided. Graph sheets, a common ion chart, and a solubility rules chart are also included.

Complete for 30 students working in pairs.

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