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Wire-Rimmed Counting Chips (100-Piece Bag)

Wire-Rimmed Counting Chips (100-Piece Bag), AP4585
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Wire-Rimmed Counting Chips (100-Piece Bag)
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Wouldn't it be easier to teach chemistry if there were life-size electrons and atoms that students could actually see and touch? Wire-rimmed counting chips are the next best thing! These colorful, transparent discs make perfect, cost-effective models and can be used to represent atoms, molecules, ions, electrons...you name it! Teach the law of conservation of matter and balancing equations—the chips are a great atom-accounting mechanism. Teach bonding and Lewis dot structures—the chips are ideal representations of electrons. Great for overhead demonstrations! Clean up quickly with the magnetic wand (Catalog No. AP4584). 100-piece bag. Assorted colors.

Magnetic Wand
This sturdy plastic wand contains a powerful bar magnet that quickly and easily picks up iron filings or other magnetic materials. Use this magnetic wand to swipe up wire-rimmed chips when teaching about atoms and balancing equations or when exploring...
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