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Mole Balloon™ Activity Kit, 30 Balloons

Mole Balloon™ Activity Kit, 30 Balloons, AP4587
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Mole Balloon™ Activity Kit, 30 Balloons
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Mole balloons provide a dramatic way to visualize the size of one mole of a gas! Students of chemistry learn that one mole of any gas occupies 22.4 liters. Now you can show your students how much space one mole of gas actually fills by using specially designed mole balloons.

The 30 mole balloons in this kit are color-coded to allow students to compare the number of atoms and molecules, the volume, and the mass of one mole of various gases. The guide included with the kit provides procedures for using the balloons to visualize chemical reactions and to balance chemical equations. There are also instructions for mole conversion activities and a mole comparison teacher demonstration. The activity booklet includes detailed procedures, teacher preparation information, discussion hints, questions and answers.

Complete for 30 groups of students.


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