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Bicycle Wheel Gyroscope

Gyroscope Bicycle Wheel AP4610
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Bicycle Wheel Gyroscope
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By: The Flinn Staff

Amaze your students with an object that appears to defy gravity! Twist the handles of the spinning handheld bicycle wheel and feel the peculiar body sensation associated with gyroscopic motion. The resulting resistance illustrates the use of gyroscopes as stabilizers and navigational devices. Stand on a rotational turntable and dramatically demonstrate the conservation of angular momentum-you are bound to have your students' undivided attention. For a real crowd-pleasing demonstration, tie a rope to an eye screw in one of the handles of the spinning wheel and it will “violate” gravity as it refuses to topple over-but it will precess. Comes completely assembled with spoked bicycle wheel, handles with hand grips and eye screws. Advanced background information and activity instructions are included. Note: A rotational turntable such as AP4609 is needed for some activities.

Rotational Turn Table
Engineered to provide a low-friction rotating surface for experiments involving the conservation of angular momentum and rotational kinetic energy. Its low-friction, ball-bearing design assures good results. It can be set on a level floor for standing...
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