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Guinea and Feather Tube

Guinea and Feather Tube AP4670
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Guinea and Feather Tube
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By: The Flinn Staff

Objects fall with the same acceleration-don't they? Watch and compare the falling acceleration rate of a feather and a guinea (coin) with air resistance and in a vacuum using this clear acrylic demonstration tube. The results are unforgettable! The stopcock valve on one end of the device allows you to evacuate the tube of air with a vacuum pump. You may also use the tube to create a vacuum fountain by opening the valve under water after the tube has been evacuated. Note: Vacuum pump and vacuum tubing are required but not included. A two- stage vacuum pump is recommended for the most dramatic results.

Pump, Vacuum, Single-Stage
Low-maintenance, economical, single-stage vacuum pump is fast and easy to operate. Oil-less operation produces a moderate vacuum of 150 mm Hg (⅕ normal pressure). It can also push a pressure of 3,192 mm Hg, which is 4.2 times normal room pressure....
Pump, Vacuum, Two-Stage
The most durable two-stage pump you can buy. This quiet, dependable vacuum pump will produce a high-quality vacuum when performing experiments where a very low pressure is needed—boiling water at room temperature, etc. The rotary sliding vane produces...
Tubing, Vacuum, 10 Ft.
Extra thick-walled black rubber tubing is great for all your vacuum applications. This machine-made tubing is guaranteed not to collapse under normal conditions. Supplied in 10-foot lengths. Inside diameter is 1/4" and the wall thickness is 3/16"....
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