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Cis to Trans Isomerization Lab - Vial Organic™ Laboratory Kit

Cis to Trans Isomerization Lab - Vial Organic™ Laboratory Kit, AP4690
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Cis to Trans Isomerization Lab - Vial Organic™ Laboratory Kit
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By: The Flinn Staff

Are cis and trans isomers interchangeable and do they have different properties? Discover the answers to these fundamental organic questions in this quick and easy Vial Organic™ lab. Maleic acid (cis) is converted into fumaric acid (trans) using heat and an acid catalyst. After isolating the fumaric acid, its pH, solubility, and melting point are compared to maleic acid to demonstrate how two geometric isomers can be quite different. Great lab to introduce isomers, organic acids, and the use of physical properties to identify organic compounds.

Includes reaction vials, Beral-type pipets, maleic acid, hydrochloric acid, cresol red, capillary tubes, and instructions with detailed procedures, background information, safety and disposal procedures, and Teacher Notes.

Complete for 24 students working in pairs. Immersion heaters (or hot plates) are required and available separately (four to six will suffice).


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