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Calorimeter Resistor

Calorimeter Resistor AP4733
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Calorimeter Resistor
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Used to measure the amount of heat generated by an electrical circuit. When an electric current flows through a conductor, some of the electrical energy is converted to heat energy. This heat energy is referred to as joule heat. The greater the resistance in a circuit, the greater the amount of heat generated. It is analogous to the conversion of mechanical energy to heat energy due to frictional resistance.
Includes instructions for measuring the heat generated in the circuit and step-by-step equations for calculating the electrical equivalent of heat (1 cal = 4.186 J). To perform the experiment, the calorimeter resistor is placed in the aneroid calorimeter on the previous page (AP9610) and set up in a circuit. You will also need a 6-volt power supply or battery, ammeter, voltmeter, connecting wires, thermometer, stopwatch, and balance. Diagram for setup included.


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