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Chemistry of Gases Apparatus Kit

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Chemistry of Gases Apparatus Kit
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Explore the chemistry and history of gases using this innovative and exciting hands-on approach to generating and using gases. Generate microscale quantities (40-50 mL) of 17 different gases using simple, readily available materials—plastic syringes, vial caps, latex tubing, and common laboratory chemicals. Prepare CO2, H2, O2, N2, NO/NO2, NH3, C2H2, H2S, SO2, Cl2, and HCl and then perform one of more than 60 reactions. The reactions demonstrate the reactivity and properties of gases and are performed using syringes and microscale techniques. Most preparations and reactions are designed for student hands-on experiments except for the toxic gases which are presented as teacher demonstration activities.

The manual includes instruction for 138 chemical demonstrations and student experiments in an easy-to-follow side-by-side format. Introduction chapter chronicles the history of gases including the phlogiston theory and classic experiments by Lavosier and Priestly. Index, illustrations. 4th edition, 484 pages, 8˝" x 11", spiral-bound.

Chemistry of Gases Apparatus Kit (Catalog No. AP4850) includes enough syringes, vial caps, latex tubing, pipets, and other miscellaneous supplies for two lab groups.


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