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Sudsy Kinetics - Chemical Demonstration Kit

Sudsy Kinetics -
Chemical Demonstration Kit, AP4866
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Sudsy Kinetics - Chemical Demonstration Kit
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By: Walter Rohr, Retired
Eastchester High School, Eastchester, NY

Teach kinetics in a fun and sudsy way! This three-part demonstration provides an interesting twist on the traditional “Old Foamey” demonstration. Show your students the effect of concentration on reaction rate, observe a reaction intermediate and test for products, and compare the rate of a reaction with its stoichiometry. Safe and easy—this is a great kit for all levels of chemistry students! Teacher Demonstration Notes included. Enough materials are included to perform the demonstration seven times.
Concepts: Kinetics, catalysts, reaction intermediates.
Time Required: 25 minutes
Chemicals Provided: Sodium iodide solution, hydrogen peroxide 30%, 10% and 3% solutions, and detergent.
Note: A large demonstration tray is recommended. See AP5429 for a description of our fiberglass demonstration tray.


  • Sudsy Kinetics Video
    Sudsy Kinetics Video
    Take advantage of the overflowing fun in the “Old Foamey” reaction of hydrogen peroxide to teach students about the effect of concentration and the role of a catalyst on the rate of a chemical reaction.
Demonstration Tray, Large
Perform your fun but messy demonstrations in our extra-large fiberglass tray. Rounded edges and 5-cm lip catch the overflow and make cleanup a breeze. Also useful for dispensing chemicals to minimize and contain spills. Fiberglass resists acids, bases,...
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