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Rock Pick, Chisel-Edge

Rock Pick, Chisel-Edge AP5087
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Rock Pick, Chisel-Edge
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Estwing Striking Tools

Looking for a durable, comfortable, attractive striking tool that's made to last? An Estwing tool is your answer. Estwing has been making the world's finest striking tools since 1923. Strong, one-beam, solid steel construction eliminates the risk of the handle breaking or the head loosening. Molded nylon-vinyl cushion grip absorbs shock and provides for a firm grip. Four Estwing striking tools necessary for field or lab work are listed below.

Crack Hammer
Break large rocks and easily crack specimens with this powerful hammer. Large flat striking surfaces provide superior balance for driving chisels. Painted finish; 28.5cm length; 4lb. Fits in Crack Hammer Holster (AP5306).

Rock Chisel
Break, score, and pry rock with this invaluable rock-splitting tool! Easily split layers of sedimentary rocks and open cracks with the 3cm chisel blade. Large 3cm diameter striking face; 18cm length; 15oz.

Rock Pick, Chisel-Edge

Lightweight chipping hammer with polished 2.5cm blade and pointed end, useful for chipping and prying. 28cm length; 14oz. Fits in Belt Sheath (AP5085).

Rock Pick, Pointed-Tip

A lightweight hammer with polished pick head and 2 x 2 cm striking surface, useful for chipping and cracking small rocks. 28 cm length; 14oz. Fits in Belt Sheath (AP5086).

Belt Sheath for Rock Pick, Chisel-Edge
Your rock pick hammers will never be far away with this Estwing leather belt sheath. Durable construction assures long life and allows protection from sharp-pointed hammer tips. Comfortably fits belts up to 1 1/2" wide.
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