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Stereogram Book of Contours

Stereogram Book of Contours AP5098
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Stereogram Book of Contours
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By: Horace MacMahan, Jr.

Simplify the reading of “flat” contour maps and understand the relation of contour lines to relief with this useful, introductory book. The book features 10 typical landforms-hills and valleys, glaciation, canyons, volcanoes and lava flow, anticlines and synclines, and even Moon craters. First study the two-dimensional contour topographical maps, where surface features are identified with letters. Then locate the same landforms on the adjacent stereo contour maps for comparison and view the elevations in 3-D. Stereoscope glasses (listed separately as AP5264) are needed to view the images in three dimensions. Glossary; 1995, 32 pages, 8 1/2" x 11", spiral-bound.

Stereoscope Glasses
Create that third dimension with these economical yet durable desktop stereoscope viewers! Just open the sturdy metal legs, set the glasses over a stereogram or pair of stereo pictures, peer through the lenses, and get pulled into the three-dimensional...
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