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Landforms in Three Dimensions, Set 2

Landforms in Three Dimensions, Set 2, AP5101
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Landforms in Three Dimensions, Set 2
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Investigate the effects of Earth's powerful forces on its landforms with these comprehensive sets of stereo photographs. Set 1 provides examples of various landforms and geological features such as rock structures, glaciation, volcanoes, desert regions, streams, and coastlines. Set 2 features folding, faulting, stream erosion, igneous activity, a landslide and mineral deposition. Each set contains 20 pairs of aerial stereo photographs printed on 9" x 9" heavy card stock, along with a study guide outlining each landform and geological process. Designed for use with our mirror stereoscope, AP5103; also can be used with our student stereoscope glasses, AP5264.

Mirror Stereoscope
View landforms in three dimensions! This deluxe geoscope is a full-size mirror stereoscope-perfect for use with 9" x 9" stereo photographs as it allows for adequate distance between the left and right stereo images. High quality optics, front...
Stereoscope Glasses
Create that third dimension with these economical yet durable desktop stereoscope viewers! Just open the sturdy metal legs, set the glasses over a stereogram or pair of stereo pictures, peer through the lenses, and get pulled into the three-dimensional...
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