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Seismograph Model

Seismograph Model AP5122
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Seismograph Model
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Shake, rattle, and rock your classroom with this simple, yet innovative, seismograph model. Teach your students how earthquake tremors are measured-without an earthquake! The model consists of a pen mounted on a weight that is suspended from a frame. A roll of paper below the pen simulates the recording device. Have a student pull the paper and-if no vibrations occur-the pen traces a smooth even line. Have a student cause a simulated earthquake-i.e., vibrate the table-and watch as the support moves with the tremors and the stationary pen records the “earthquake.” Explain the similarities of the model to an actual recording apparatus of a seismograph, which is anchored to bedrock so as to measure seismic waves, locate the epicenter, and determine magnitude. Included is a teacher manual with easy setup instructions and lessons.

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