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Landform Demonstration Kit

Landform Demonstration Kit AP5124
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Landform Demonstration Kit
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Show a mountain forming, build your own fault blocks, erupt a volcano-this kit will get your students involved as they construct models to visualize the forces that shape the Earth! Colored flexible foam strips can be bent, arched, and folded to illustrate those hard-to-define terms such as anticline, syncline, and hogback. Three simulated cardboard rock formations can be used to demonstrate a strike-slip fault, normal and reverse fault, formation of a graben and a horst, and even show dip and strike. Simulate the eruption of a nonflammable volcano and demonstrate lava flow with the molded plastic 7" x 7" volcano model. All pieces are included in the kit along with a watertight 20"L x 4 1/4"W x 2"H demonstration tray and a study guide with illustrated instructions for all activities.

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