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Deluxe Stream Table

Deluxe Stream Table AP5126
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Deluxe Stream Table
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Create and witness natural geological processes that are too slow to experience in reality! This deluxe, floor-model stream table allows students to observe the erosion caused by running streams and waterfalls, see the growth of a delta, create different types of drainage patterns-and so much more! Instructions on the simulation of stream processes, mass wasting, the formation of coastal features, the action of glaciation, and the structural deformation of the Earth's crust are provided. Stream table features two separate, independently controllable streams that flow from the control panel. No need to worry about overflow as depth of water is automatically controlled and the unit empties itself.

Materials and accessories included are:

Stream Table Bed-made of heavy, thermoplastic tray with inclined bottom; size 66"L x 24"W x 6"H.
Pump-to pump water from the reservoir into the stream table bed.
Rainmaker-creates isolated rainfalls through its perforated bottom.
Wavemaker-shows wave action on shoreline formation; self-contained and battery-operated (Also sold individually.)
Acrylic Grid-for tracing stream patterns and plotting geologic changes
Tubular Steel Cart-heavy-duty steel cart holds stream table bed; features safe-lock wheels for mobility; size 66"L x 33"W x 33"H.
Accessories-plastic landform models, stream dividers, colored sand, wire screen, 50 lbs of sand, and a sand trowel.
28-page Lesson Plan Book-provides procedures and poses many open-ended, challenging questions for 37 different experiments!

Extra Stream Table Sand is also available.


Stream Table Sand, White, 50 lbs

Storage: Miscellaneous nonhazardous inorganic material. Color: White-gray/black Odor: None CAS No. 14808-60-7 Technical Note: White sand is perfect for stream tables. Black sand is used for Earth Science heating of landforms demonstrations.
Shows wave action on shoreline formation.  The Wavemaker is self-contained and battery-operated. For use with the AP5126 Deluxe Stream Table.
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