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Celestial Star Globe, Basic

Celestial Star Globe, Basic AP5141
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Celestial Star Globe, Basic
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Gaze at our amazing Earth through the transparent celestial sphere. Use this eye-catching globe to demonstrate the relationship between Earth and the stars, planets, galaxies, and other celestial objects in the Universe. The 12"-diameter, acrylic star globe surrounds a 4"-diameter Earth globe mounted within the outer sphere. Position the internal movable Sun to show its position as seen from Earth. Globe features constellations, stars to the fifth magnitude, major nebulae, bright star clusters, and the Milky Way-all printed on the inside so that the outside is free to mark with a crayon or grease pencil and can be easily wiped off. An eight-page study guide is included. The Universal Globe is mounted on a full horizon and meridian attached base. The Basic Globe is an identical globe but the mounting is on a simple, durable cradle base marked to indicate direction.

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