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Groundwater Exploration Activity Model

Groundwater Exploration Activity Model AP5205
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Groundwater Exploration Activity Model
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Engage your class with a vivid demonstration of groundwater flow! Using this durable acrylic model, your students will learn about the sources of groundwater, its storage and flow beneath the Earth's surface, and how this unseen resource impacts life at the Earth's surface. They'll use dyes as simulated contaminants to reveal how groundwater can become polluted and how its contamination can directly affect the environment. In the process of conducting dozens of exercises in hydrology, your class will learn about groundwater's critical role in the hydrologic cycle as well as other key concepts-the water cycle, porosity and permeability, Darcy's Law, aquifers and artesian wells, and water quality.

This model comes complete with everything you need to perform a graphic simulation of the principles of groundwater, including comprehensive literature, sand, gravel, clay, nontoxic dyes, connectors, tubing, syringe pumps, and pipets. It even includes an electric pump for the realistic simulation of continuous water recharging as well as a large, permanently attached reservoir! Easy to use, easy to understand and easy to maintain. Sturdy design includes oversized, 7" base for added stability. Size: 20"L x 5"W x 12 1/2"H.

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