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Reading Maps Stereo Photographs

Reading Maps Stereo Photographs AP5245
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Reading Maps Stereo Photographs
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By: Paul A. Riffel

Get a bird's-eye view of the Earth's landscape features from New York City to the California coastline! Teach your students to read maps by comparing a topographical map section with its corresponding stereoscopic aerial color photograph. Relate map symbols to landscape features and show cultural features such as urban growth patterns and transportation routes. Book contains eight different map and photograph pairs, a topographic map symbol chart, and a complete index. 1973, 72 pages, 8 1/2" x 11", spiral bound. Note: Stereoscope glasses (sold separately) will enhance the bird's-eye viewing of the Earth and are suggested but not required.

Stereoscope Glasses
Create that third dimension with these economical yet durable desktop stereoscope viewers! Just open the sturdy metal legs, set the glasses over a stereogram or pair of stereo pictures, peer through the lenses, and get pulled into the three-dimensional...
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