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Hydrion Ultrafast 0-14 pH Test Paper

Hydrion Ultrafast 0-14 pH Test Paper AP5411, ect.
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Hydrion Ultrafast 0-14 pH Test Paper
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For the rapid determination of pH values from 0-14. The Ultrafast test set consists of two 15-foot rolls of pH paper-the InstaChek 0-13 and the Ultra-Sharp 12.5-14 test papers. The Insta-Chek 0-13 is a general-purpose, immediate response, wide range paper with a different bright color for each pH value from 0-13. The Ultra-Sharp 12.5-14 test paper is ideal for determining high pH values. It exhibits crystal clear color changes, from a bright blue at 12, through green at 13, and finally to sunny yellow at 14. Used in tandem, these two papers span the entire pH scale from 0-14. Refill package contains five 15-foot rolls of the Insta-Chek 0-13.

Note: The manufacturer of our pH paper is using a new type of paper.  This paper has a different starting pH so the original color of the paper is now green. The pH paper will still work as designed.

Hydrion Insta-Chek 0-13 Refill

The Insta-Chek 0-13 pH paper is the ultimate in wide range, general purpose, pH paper. It displays a different bright color for each pH value from 0-13. The response time is immediate and the readings are reproducible and accurate. Includes a double...
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