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Air Track

Air Track AP5615
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Air Track
Product Description

Durability and maintenance-free performance are the benchmarks of this air track system. Designed specifically for introductory mechanics, its student-proof design can also double as a precision optics bench. (See optics section for optics components.) You will obtain accurate results in your classic acceleration, conservation of momentum, collision, and oscillator experiments. The air track is one-piece extruded aluminum. The clear, anodized track has a full-length meter tape and guide groove for spark paper. The basic air track is supplied with three 100-g gliders, eight spring bumpers, three magnetic bumpers, four hook and loop bumpers, six thumbscrews, spool of thread, two long springs, two short springs, weight hook, four 5-g hanging weights, glider launcher, four spring connecting brackets, twelve 25-g masses, leveling pads, two photogate arms, four sizes of photogate light blocking gates (large, medium, small and single), and an instructions manual.

Working Length: 1.6 m
Cross Section: 90º apex isosceles triangle
Wall Thickness: 0.3 cm; base width: 9.4 cm
Air Holes: Two rows, 0.9 mm dia.
Support: Crossfoot and adjustable foot

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