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Ripple Tank Apparatus

Ripple Tank Apparatus AP5705
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Ripple Tank Apparatus
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Always a popular lab/demo sequence-waves in a ripple tank! Proven method for studying numerous wave/optics principles. This sturdy ripple tank is made of molded plastic and features a viewing area larger than other ripple tanks. Its bottom is made of high-quality plate glass to assure projection of distortion-free wave images. Special angled foam beaches around the perimeter of the tank greatly reduce unwanted reflections.
The rippler unit consists of a 1.5-volt motor mounted on a rippler bar that can generate both straight and circular waves. The motor is equipped with a movable counterweight for varying wave amplitude. The complete apparatus includes four foam beaches, one light source support rod, one rippler bar with hangers, one rippler motor, one white plastic view screen, one parabolic reflector, one glass plate, four barriers, four detachable legs with leveling feet, and complete instructions and experiment ideas. For added versatility, alternative wave generators (AP5706) can be easily mounted. Requires a 6-V DC low-voltage power supply. Dimensions: surface area of tank is 24" x 24"; tank stands 24" high; light source support rod extends 24" above tank surface.

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