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Complete Optics System

Complete Optics System AP5783
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Complete Optics System
Product Description

This system provides the accessories you need to perform basic optics experiments. Everything is designed to work together so you don't have to worry about incompatibilities. A complete manual is provided describing experiments in image formation; dispersion by prisms, polarization of light and many more. The system is based upon the use of our air track AP5615, which is available separately.

System includes:

5 Optical Bench Carrier, 40 mm
1 Optical Bench Carrier, 65 mm
3 Adjustable Lens Holder
1 Centering Point Pin
2 Filter Holder
1 Opaque Screen
1 Diffusing Screen
1 Stray Light Screen
2 Polarizing Filter
1 Phase Retardation Filter
1 Six Lens Set
1 Graduated Table with Rotating Arm
1 Concave Mirror, 32 mm fl
1 Equilateral Prism
1 Red Filter
1 Yellow Filter
1 Green Filter
1 Blue Filter
1 Single Slits, three patterns
1 Double Slits, three patterns
1 Target
1 Diffraction Grating
1 Lamp
1 Instruction Manual


Air Track
Durability and maintenance-free performance are the benchmarks of this air track system. Designed specifically for introductory mechanics, its student-proof design can also double as a precision optics bench. (See optics section for optics components.)...
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