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Sodium: A Spectacular Element, VHS

Sodium: A Spectacular Element
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Sodium: A Spectacular Element, VHS
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Every chemistry student should learn about reactive metals when studying the periodic table. Traditionally, demonstrations with reactive metals are done on a very small scale due to their hazardous nature. In this video, we've taken the traditional demonstration and upscaled it by 1,000 times!
Watch in amazement as 5-kg sticks of sodium are tossed into a rock quarry! Over 200 kg of sodium are used. The reaction on this scale is truly spectacular! This 37-minute video is not only entertaining, but also has enormous educational value. Your students will be intrigued by the power and energy of chemistry.
The video also includes an introductory lesson on reactive metals by “Weird Science” and the Chemical Element Song by Mike Offut. Included with the video is a handout with teacher notes and background information, ideas for student lessons, song lyrics, and student worksheets related to the video. 37 minutes, VHS.
Exclusive home video was developed by the late Cliff Schrader, Ph.D., Summit County ESC, Cuyahoga Falls, OH.


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