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Measurement Challenge - A Density Super Value Guided-Inquiry Kit

Measurement Challenge - A Density Super Value Guided-Inquiry Kit, AP5939
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Measurement Challenge - A Density Super Value Guided-Inquiry Kit
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By: Jeff Bracken, Westerville North High School, Westerville, OH

Give your students a challenge—the measurement challenge! With this innovative teacher-designed kit, students learn to make accurate measurements, estimate to the proper level of certainty, and apply rules for significant figures in calculations.

Hands-on, pre-lab measurement activity allows students to begin with length and area, and progress to volume and density—a sequence in which students advance from one-dimensional measurements to two- and three-dimensional calculations. Then, three laboratory experiments serve both introductory and honors science students.

First, there is a traditional density experiment—students measure the mass and volume of a block and determine the density. The second lab is a higher-level authentic assessment activity during which students are challenged to predict the mass of a block, without the use of a balance! A third optional lab further challenges students as it is a completely open-ended version of the second lab—no hint of a procedure provided. Numerous helpful teaching ideas as well as reproducible student masters are included in the handout.

Includes 30 different density blocks—6 different sizes of each of 5 types of plastic material. A very worthwhile purchase—use the high-quality blocks for this lab and for many other purposes throughout the school year!

Super Value Kit is complete for 30 students working individually and all materials are reusable—the best one-time purchase you'll make all year!

  • Measurement Challenge
    Measurement Challenge
    Students have serious fun perfecting measurement skills when presented with a challenge.
Ruler, Metric/English, Clear, 15 cm
Flat, clear, flexible, plastic rulers, 15 cm or 30 cm in length. Graduated in centimeters on one side and inches on the other side. Black markings will not fade and cannot be scratched off.
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