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Calorimetry Basics - Specific Heat Super Value Laboratory Kit

Calorimetry Basics - Specific Heat Super Value Laboratory Kit, AP5952
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Calorimetry Basics - Specific Heat Super Value Laboratory Kit
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By: The Flinn Staff

Calories! Food has calories, but can a metal or other object have calories too? Introduce your students to the basics of calorimetry with this hands-on specific heat activity! Raise your students' interest and curiosity as they see how calories can be determined—right in the laboratory.

Students perform measurements on an “unknown” metal and calculate specific heat values using a calorimeter. Students compare the calculated values of their “unknowns” to known values and determine the identity of the unknown metal.

Includes Teacher Notes, reproducible student handouts, unknown metals, calorimeter cups, and large test tubes. This kit is a bargain since all materials are reusable.

Super Value Kit is complete for 5 classes of 30 students working in pairs. All materials are reusable!


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