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Air Pollution Refill Kit for AP6000

Effects of Air Pollution Kit, AP6000
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Air Pollution Refill Kit for AP6000
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Demonstrate the harmful effects of contaminated air on plants. Prepare a controlled environment and generate a known quantity of sulfur dioxide, a common air pollutant released by automobiles and factories. See firsthand the types of damage SO2 can cause to living systems. With this visual and dramatic classroom demonstration activity, your class will:

• Grow plant seedlings in germination chambers.
• Set up an environmental chamber, a control chamber, and a sulfur dioxide generator.
• Generate sulfur dioxide and expose two ordinary plant seedlings to the gas.
• Make immediate and long-term observations of the plants.

Includes all materials needed for one class to perform the activity-two seed types, four generation chambers, four developing domes, SO2 generation chemicals, a “hands-in-bag” environmental chamber for safe generation of SO2, and more-along with student reproducible worksheets and teacher's guide. Refill kit is available separately.


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