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Rainbow Wand - Chemical Demonstration Kit

Rainbow Wand -
Chemical Demonstration Kit, AP6007
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Rainbow Wand - Chemical Demonstration Kit
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Make an awesome spectrum of colors in a wand while teaching your students about polymers, color mixing, and the visible spectrum. Explore the science of color using dyes and water-absorbing, color-changing polymer crystals. First create an original rainbow test tube using a special acrylic 6-inch long test tube. Then make a longer version using the 16-inch long plastic wand. Watch as the water-absorbing, jelly-like crystals change colors as the dyes diffuse and mix to form brand-new colors. Easy-to-follow instructions and chemical and safety information are provided. Enough materials are included to perform this demonstration seven times.

Concepts: Polymers, visible color spectrum.
Time Required: 20 minutes, but lasts the whole school year!
Materials Provided: 16-inch long plastic wand with stoppers, 6-inch-long plastic screw-cap test tube, superabsorbent polymer crystals, non-toxic dyes, pipets, and plastic cups.

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