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Solubility Matters - Measuring the Ksp of Calcium Iodate - Student Laboratory Kit

Solubility Matters - Measuring the Ksp of Calcium Iodate - Student Laboratory Kit, AP6123
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Solubility Matters - Measuring the Ksp of Calcium Iodate - Student Laboratory Kit
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By: Bob Lewis, Retired, Downers Grove North H.S., Downers Grove, IL and
John Little, Retired, St. Mary's H.S., Stockton, CA

Students use an unusual titration technique to determine the equilibrium constant for the solubility of calcium iodate in water. Sodium thiosulfate solution is added dropwise from a pre-weighed bottle to a saturated solution of calcium iodate that has been mixed with excess potassium iodide. The iodate/iodide reaction generates elemental iodine, which undergoes reduction when sodium thiosulfate is added. Starch is used as an indicator-the tell-tale blue color of the starch/iodine complex disappears instantly at the endpoint of the titration. Knowing the mass of sodium thiosulfate solution and its concentration, students calculate the concentration of iodate ion, the concentration of calcium ion and, finally, the solubility product constant—Ksp value—for calcium iodate. The “titration by weighing” technique is easy to perform and gives immediate results. Equilibrium constant calculations do not have to be abstract, mind-numbing, number-crunching exercises. Let your students see where the numbers come from and what the numbers mean with this innovative student laboratory kit!

Includes reproducible student handouts, detailed background information, complete Teacher Notes with sample data and answers to all questions, and all necessary chemicals and consumable supplies.

Complete for 30 students working in pairs. Fifteen reusable serological pipets and pipet bulbs are recommended and available separately.


Serological Pipet, 5 mL

The medical/clinical community considers these “throw-away” pipets. You will find that they can be washed at least 10 or more times before the graduations come off. For the price, science teachers may want to consider these pipets. Glass pipets are...
Bulb, Rubber, Red, 35 mL Capacity

Molded of heavyweight natural rubber. Good replacement bulbs for pipets and medicine droppers. Select the size and shape below to best fit your needs.
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