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Grow-Dino Measurement - Student Laboratory Kit

Grow-Dino Measurement - Student Laboratory Kit, AP6127
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Grow-Dino Measurement - Student Laboratory Kit
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By: John Mauch and Ira Hickman

Do Grow-Dinos really grow more than 600% when placed in water? Your students will find out as they investigate the growth of a polymer dinosaur over a period of five days. Physical measurements—length, height, thickness, perimeter, area, volume, mass, and density—will be taken daily as the Dino is soaked in water each night. Changes in the dinosaur measurements will be graphed and analyzed. A great lab activity to provide practice in measuring, graphing, and making calculations; fun for all levels.

Includes Teacher Notes, reproducible student handouts with Dino data tables and Dino graph sheets,15 Grow-Dinos, metric rulers, storage bags, and measuring string.

Complete for 30 students working in pairs.

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