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Butterfly Orbital - Demonstration Kit

Butterfly Orbital - Demonstration Kit, AP6163
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Butterfly Orbital - Demonstration Kit
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By: Jeff Bracken
Westerville North High School, Westerville, OH

Create a concrete analogy of an electron orbital using this low-cost spinning demonstration! Students often experience difficulty in grasping abstract concepts such as the composition of an atom. The butterfly orbital demonstration provides students with a simple, yet very visual model of electron motion around a nucleus. A fun and easy way to introduce subatomic particles! Teacher Demonstration Notes included. All materials provided are reusable.

Concepts: Orbitals, quantum mechanics.
Time Required: 15 minutes
Materials Provided: Butterfly, florist wire, centrifuge cap.
Note: Bracken's Demonstration Spinner, Catalog No. AP6202, is required and available separately.


Bracken's Demonstration Spinner
Introduce your students to the fast, fun and entertaining world of centrifuge demonstrations! Perform a wide array of physical science and chemistry demonstrations such as the Standing Wave Generator, Newton's Color Wheels, Butterfly Orbital, and Centrifugal...
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