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Color and Light - Spectrum Demonstrations

Color and Light-Spectrum Demonstrations AP6172
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Color and Light - Spectrum Demonstrations
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By: Doug De La Matter, Retired
Madawaska Valley D.H.S., Barry's Bay, ON

Shed light on the concept of color perception with this overhead projector demonstration. Why are some objects blue and others red? Does a color filter actually change white light into colored light? What color is seen when blue and yellow light are blended together? This demonstration uses a diffraction grating and an overhead projector to cast a large spectrum onto a wall or projection screen. The pure colors of the projected spectrum are then manipulated with the simple materials in this kit to study where color originates and to answer the questions above. Instructions and materials are provided for three different demonstrations that will surely illuminate and educate your students about color absorption, color reflection, color filtering, and blending colors of light. All the materials, except the food dye, can be reused. Requires an overhead projector.

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