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Alcohol Burner, Wickless

Alcohol Burner, Wickless, AP6173
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Alcohol Burner, Wickless
Product Description

A safer alternative to the traditional alcohol burner! This wickless metal alcohol burner is unbreakable, tip-resistant, and fully leakproof. Sturdy chrome-plated steel tank has a screw top with a rubber gasket creating a liquid-tight seal—even if set on its side, the burner will not leak. Holds up to 95 mL of alcohol and burns for over an hour. And what's more—no more worry about replacement wicks or wicks that don't fit. Uses a copper-plated torch instead of a wick for safety and even heat distribution. Comes with an aluminum snuffer cap, safety shield, and instruction manual. Use with our safety burner fuel—ethanol containing sodium salt—to make the flame more visible.

Ethyl Alcohol, Safety Burner Fuel, 4 L
HAZARD ALERT: Dangerous fire risk; addition of denaturant makes the product poisonous—it cannot be made nonpoisonous. Storage: Organic #2 in a dedicated flammables cabinet. If a flammables cabinet is not available, store in a Flinn Saf-Stor™ Can....
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