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Advanced Molecular Model Set, 121-Piece

Advanced Molecular Model Set, 121-Piece, AP6180
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Advanced Molecular Model Set, 121-Piece
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You've requested it and it's here. A kit that can be used for demonstrating not only organic structures, but also inorganic structures and molecular geometry. Use these colorful, sturdy, wooden models to help your students visualize such molecules as C4H10, C4H8, BeH2, CCl4, XeF4, PF3Cl2, and SF6.

Show saturated, unsaturated, and substituted organic compounds as well as different types of isomers. Illustrate linear, trigonal planar, square planar, trigonal bipyramidal, and octahedral geometry. This advanced set contains 71 color-coded, enameled wood balls drilled to receive wooden or spring bonds (50 bonds provided). Specific contents of set:

Balls—1¼" diameter
• 12 carbon (black), tetrahedral 4-hole
• 2 nitrogen (blue), tetrahedral
• 2 phosphorus (gray), trigonal bipyramidal
• 2 sulfur (yellow), octahedral

Balls1⅛ diameter
• 6 oxygen (red), tetrahedral
• 4 bromine (orange), 1-hole
• 4 chlorine (green), 1-hole
• 6 iodine (purple), 1-hole

Balls—¾" diameter
• 33 hydrogen (white), 1-hole

• 30 1¼"-length wooden pegs
• 10 2"-length springs
• 10 2"-length wooden pegs


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