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Limiting Reagent - Student Laboratory Kit

Limiting Reagent - Student Laboratory Kit, AP6188
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Limiting Reagent - Student Laboratory Kit
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By: Doug De La Matter, Retired Chemistry Teacher, Madawaska Valley D.H.S., Barry's Bay, ON

Eight buns, eight cheese slices, but only seven hamburger patties—how many cheeseburgers can you make? This lab introduces the concept needed to answer this simple question—limiting reagents in chemical reactions.

Students prepare a very visual, dense, and fast-settling precipitate from varying ratios of solutions of barium and iodate ions. They measure the height of the insoluble barium iodate that forms in each tube to determine which reagent is in excess and which is the limiting reagent. Simple chemical tests confirm the presence of the ion in excess. Chemistry students can perform this simply as a qualitative lab, or they can use the balanced chemical equation and mole ratio stoichiometry to quantitatively calculate the amount of each reactant used up and the excess number of moles.

All necessary chemicals, syringes, stirrers, reusable pipets and test tubes are provided. Kit contains sodium sulfate for the safe disposal of barium compounds. Teacher Notes and reproducible student handouts included.

Complete for 30 students working in pairs.

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