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Bracken's Demonstration Spinner

Bracken's Demonstration Spinner AP6202
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Bracken's Demonstration Spinner
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By: Jeff Bracken
Westerville North High School, Westerville, OH

Introduce your students to the fast, fun and entertaining world of centrifuge demonstrations! Perform a wide array of physical science and chemistry demonstrations such as the Standing Wave Generator, Newton's Color Wheels, Butterfly Orbital, and Centrifugal Hoop using the Bracken's Demonstration Spinner's powerful motor. Best of all, you only have to purchase one demonstration spinner to perform all of these exciting demonstrations! Easy-to-use, low-cost device provides many hours of service. Operates on one D battery (included).

Standing Wave Generator
Finally-an inexpensive, yet reliable, standing wave generator! The principles of wavelength, amplitude, nodes and anti-nodes will become concrete to students using this durable wave generator. Highly visible apparatus measures four feet in height-allowing...
Newton's Color Wheels
What is color? Why do we see different colors? Demonstrate and explain to students why objects look the color they do using these three highly visible color wheels and a centrifuge device! A two-colored wheel is placed on the centrifuge device and...
Butterfly Orbital - Demonstration Kit
Create a concrete analogy of an electron orbital using this low-cost spinning demonstration! Students often experience difficulty in grasping abstract concepts such as the composition of an atom. The butterfly orbital demonstration provides students...
Centrifugal Hoop Demonstration
Easily demonstrate the phenomenon of centrifugal force! Students will be amazed as this ingenious circular hoop flattens as it spins. The hoop is designed of a plastic material, which greatly increases the safety over the standard metal centrifuge...
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