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Flinn Combination Classroom Table/Lab Bench

Flinn Combination Classroom Table/Lab Bench AP6205
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Flinn Combination Classroom Table/Lab Bench
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Space-Saving Lab Design Improves Safety

Science teachers across America are raving about this unique lab table design—it's a classroom table and lab bench all in one!

• All students, when seated, are facing the teacher and the blackboard in the front of the room providing for an improved learning experience.
• The teacher can easily circulate among the other students, allowing for greater supervision and increased safety.
• Gas jets are located on one side of the table, beyond student's reach when seated.
• Unique table design allows for greater student interaction when doing group work.
• Quality, solid construction is guaranteed to provide years of service!

The table's 96"W x 50"D x 36"H dimensions provide ample room for four students at one table, yet the unique shape provides more of an open classroom area than standard tables. Teachers who have used this table for years still agree that this design was a great decision.

Durable lab table features a large 96" x 50" tabletop covered with high-quality black epoxy resin. Comes standard with a 12" L x 8" W x 6" D epoxy resin sink, two cold water gooseneck faucets with two gas jets each, and two duplex electrical receptacles. Two 24" W x 16" D x 35" H storage cabinets, located on the opposite side of where the students sit, are equipped with two adjustable shelves allowing for flexible storage. An 18" wide removable panel is located between the storage cabinets and provides access to all utilities. The AP6206 unit is the same as the AP6205 unit, only without the water and gas assemblies. Some assembly and installation of electricity and plumbing is required.

Must be shipped by motor truck freight.

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