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Timer, Overhead

Timer, Overhead AP6211
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Timer, Overhead
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Tired of having students ask “How much more time?” when giving a timed test, quiz or assignment? Large-display overhead timer allows your students to clearly see the exact number of minutes and seconds remaining during a timed event-and will help them to manage their time more efficiently. The timer projects large visible numerals when placed on any standard overhead projector. Or the timer can be placed on a desktop in stand-up position for individual or small-group viewing. Other features include:

• Timer counts down to zero or up from zero
• Audible signal gives pre-warning before end of timing count; alarm is adjustable from 0 to 5 minutes
• Timing counts can be paused or repeated
• In chronometer mode, elapsed time can be read while timer keeps running

Choose from timer mode, chronometer mode, or clock mode.


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