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Equations and Calculations Workbook

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Equations and Calculations Workbook
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These unique modeling sets have had an enormous impact on how students learn and understand chemistry in Ireland. We know they will be just as successful here. Sets include colorful plastic discs to provide a hands-on method for understanding the often baffling process of writing chemical formulas, balancing equations, and constructing and naming organic structures-topics which are not easy to demonstrate through experiment.

For Teacher Demonstrations...

Purchase one modeling set and workbook-and use this tool as a great visual demonstration aid. Try attaching self-adhesive rubber magnets to the discs and displaying them on a metallic display board. Not only will this provide you with an incomparable method of explaining difficult topics, but it will save class preparation time since the models are ready to go and are reusable from class-to-class and year-to-year.

For Student Activities...

Purchase one modeling set and one workbook per student or group of students. Students combine and rearrange the discs according to the numerous exercises provided in the four accompanying workbooks. This "back to the basics" drill-type method is sure to help students learn and understand chemistry concepts.

Chemical Formulas Modeling Set
Contains 55 cation and anion plastic pieces to learn chemical formulas.

Equations and Calculations Workbook

34-page workbook includes 31 worksheets-balancing equations for solid elements, gaseous reactions, reactions with water, acids, and bases; stoichiometry calculations (mass to moles, percentage composition, molar volume, and calculations from equations).

Organic Structures Workbook

67-page workbook includes 55 worksheets-covers in detail all organic chemistry basics from alkanes, alkenes, alkynes to alcohols, aldehydes, ketones, carboxylic acids, and esters; includes straight-chain, branched chain, and halo-substituted compounds.


For use with AP6233
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