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Transverse Wave Demonstrator

Transverse Wave Demonstrator AP6252
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Transverse Wave Demonstrator
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By: George Gross, Retired
Union H.S., Union, NJ

It's a fundamental wave principle-waves traveling through a medium at the same speed show an inverse relationship between wavelength and frequency. Now you can clearly and easily demonstrate this to your students! All you need is an overhead projector and the wave and line transparency sheets provided. Overlapping the wave transparency sheet with the line transparency sheet superimposes reference marks in the projected wave patterns. When one transparency moves across the other, these reference marks visibly demonstrate the varying transverse wave frequencies in the three different wavelength waveforms, while the translational speed remains constant. Master copies of the wave and line patterns are also provided and can be reproduced so that students may cut out their own wave patterns and follow along in the discussion. Materials can be reused indefinitely.

  • Wave Generator
    Wave Generator
    Demonstrate inverse relationship between wavelength and frequency of light.
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Flinn Catalog/Reference Manual Page 711
Flinn Middle School Catalog/Reference Manual Page 468
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