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DC Motor Made Simple - Super Value Laboratory Kit

DC Motor Made Simple -
Super Value Laboratory Kit, AP6263
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DC Motor Made Simple - Super Value Laboratory Kit
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By: The Flinn Staff

In minutes, students can build a simple spinning motor using just a magnet, copper wire and a 9-V battery. Once they learn what makes the motor run, they can experiment with various designs to see who can construct the fastest-spinning motor! Excellent hands-on activity to introduce how electricity and magnetism work to generate power. Includes detailed Teacher Notes, reproducible student handouts, and all necessary equipment.

Super Value Kit is complete for 15 student groups. All materials are reusable! A 9-V battery and 9-V battery clip with alligator clip leads are required for each group and are available separately.


Battery Clips with Alligator Clip Leads

Wire leads, 9 V.
Batteries, Transistor, Alkaline, 9.0 V

The AAA, AA, C, D, and 9 V batteries shown are all alkaline batteries. Consumer Reports states that while alkaline batteries cost three to five times more than acidic batteries, alkalines last 10 times longer.
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