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Density Is a Periodic Property - Super Value Kit

Density Is a Periodic Property - Super Value Kit, AP6268
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Density Is a Periodic Property - Super Value Kit
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By: The Flinn Staff

Dmitri Mendeleev was not the first scientist to recognize relationships among the elements and classify them into groups. He was, however, the first to predict the existence and properties of missing elements. Introduce students to the periodic table as they re-create in the lab the excitement that followed the prediction and discovery of missing elements. Students measure mass and volume data for silicon, tin, and lead, calculate their densities, and graph the results to predict the density of germanium, the “undiscovered” element in the Group IVA family of elements.

Includes reproducible student handouts, detailed background information, and complete Teacher Notes with sample data and answers to questions. All of the element samples can be dried and recycled for repeat use.

Super Value Kit is complete for 5 classes of 30 students working in pairs. All materials are reusable!


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