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Introduction to Electromagnetism

Introduction to Electromagnetism AP6271
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Introduction to Electromagnetism
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By: The Flinn Staff

A powerful series of lab activities to help your students learn the basics of electromagnetism.

• First, students will explore magnetic fields created by electric currents traveling through wires.
• Then students build an electromagnet and experiment with its magnetic power. A contest will take place to see who can configure the strongest electromagnet to pick up the most paperclips.
• Finally, students study Faraday's law as they construct a solenoid to generate electric current as a magnet drops through it. The electric current produced will be detected by a simple galvanometer that the students assemble with magnet wire and a compass.

Students will see firsthand how varying magnet movements affect the strength of the generated electric current. Includes detailed Teacher Notes and reproducible student handouts with detailed laboratory instructions and background information.

Complete for eight student groups. 9-V batteries are required for each lab group and available separately.


Batteries, Transistor, Alkaline, 9.0 V

The AAA, AA, C, D, and 9 V batteries shown are all alkaline batteries. Consumer Reports states that while alkaline batteries cost three to five times more than acidic batteries, alkalines last 10 times longer.
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