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Chemistry Songbag I - CD

Chemistry Songbag I - CD, AP6272
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Chemistry Songbag I - CD
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Written and performed by: Michael Offutt
Barrington High School, Barrington, IL

Imagine a song about Mendeleev playing as your students walk into chemistry class to learn about the periodic table! The songs on these CDs can be used creatively as springboard motivators to kick off a unit, inspire a cooperative learning activity, or simply to liven up your chemistry class while humorously describing important chemistry topics.

Chemistry Songbag I includes songs about SI units, moles, water, stoichiometry, gas laws, Mendeleev, electron configuration, bonding, equilibrium, acids and bases, and redox.

Chemistry Songbag II has songs entitled “TRV Polka” (where you can translate, rotate, and vibrate to the tune), “Chemistry Nerd,” “Factor-Label It Baby,” “Significant? I Don't Think So,” “Change,” “Matter,” “Atomic Theory Polka,” “Amedeo Avogadro,” “Quantum Number Rag,” “Long Long Chains,” and “Alpha Beta Gamma Radiation.”

Each CD contains 11 songs written by the talented high school chemistry teacher, Mike Offutt, who sings amusing and clever lyrics so you can have a chemistry sing-along right in your classroom. The words and chords for each song may be viewed by placing the CDs in a computer.

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