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The Bursting Water Pipe

The Bursting Water Pipe Demonstration Kit AP6283
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The Bursting Water Pipe
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By: The Flinn Staff

Iron is stronger than ice, right? Not on a cold winter's day. Vividly demonstrate what happens to water when it freezes-it expands with enough force to crack a cast iron pipe! Immerse a completely water-filled cast iron pipe into a dry ice/ethyl alcohol bath. Allow it to cool for several minutes. When the water freezes to a solid inside the pipe-BANG!-the iron pipe cracks to reveal the solid ice. Enough materials to perform the demonstration twice. Dry ice and 95% ethyl alcohol not included. Teacher Demonstration Notes included.

Ethyl Alcohol, 95%, 500 mL
HAZARD ALERT: Dangerous fire risk; flammable. Addition of denaturant makes the product poisonous—it cannot be made nonpoisonous. LD50 7060 mg/kg. TLV 1880 mg/m3. Storage: Organic #2 in a dedicated flammables cabinet. If a flammables cabinet is not...
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